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Bloomberg Businessweek: What Happened at the Stables
molly peters
Mar 11, 2022
Location: Thermal, CA
"What Happened at the Stables," a feature I photographed in November for Bloomberg Businessweek, was just published today. Writer Olivia Carville spent months working on the story, which details the issue of sexual abuse by elite equestrian trainers towards their young students. The article also examines the backlash within the community towards SafeSport, an organization created by Congress to investigate reports of sexual abuse within competitive athletic fields and hold perpetrators accountable.

It's a powerful but difficult story - if you'd like to read more, you can find it at the link above, or in this week's print issue of Businessweek. Many thanks to Jane Yeomans for bringing me on board for the story, and above all to Maggie Kehring, Hillary Ridland, and all the other people, both men and women, who've come forward to share their stories, sometimes decades later, and push for change in this insular community. Please also take a moment to check out We Ride Together, a campaign created by Maggie's mother, Carrie Kehring, which offers support to athlete survivors of sexual abuse.

You can see a wider edit from the story on my website here.

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