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Why should I work with Molly? 

Drawing on over a decade of experience as a studio manager for photographers whose editorial clients include National Geographic Magazine, Vanity Fair, and The New York Times, and whose commercial clients include Chevron, Nikon, Apple, Google, Sony, and Charles Schwab, among many others, Molly is passionate about working one-on-one with photographers to help them refine their vision and take their work to the next level. She produced five international exhibitions and three award-winning photo books of her boss’ work in that time, including two shows at Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan, France, and one at the Moscow Photobiennale. From 2010-2019, she managed the portfolio review program for the Palm Springs Photo Festival twice annually, which gave her an exclusive view not only into how portfolio reviews function for both the reviewers and photographers, but also valuable insight into what editors, curators, and reps are looking for from the photographers they meet with at such events. She has self published two books of her own photographs, and her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.

A graduate of the photography program at Bard College, she studied with masters including Stephen Shore and Larry Fink. In August 2018, she graduated from the Hartford Art School’s International Limited Residency MFA program, where she further refined her critical eye. She continues to draw guidance from her education in her teaching and mentoring relationships. She taught as a Professor of Photography at Unity College in 2020. Since 2020, she has been an active mentor in the Image Threads Collective photobook mentorship program, guiding three photographers through the development of their longterm projects as books. Two of her former mentees, Erinn Springer and Keiny Andrade, received recognition for their books resulting from the Image Threads mentorship: Erinn's "Dormant Seasons" was awarded the 2021 Charcoal Book Prize, and Keiny's "Se Me Abrirem" was shortlisted for the Imaginária Brazilian Photobook Festival.

Molly’s work experience, combined with her educational background, make her an ideal collaborator for photographers looking to get a fresh eye on their work. 

When should I reach out? 

Are you planning to attend a portfolio review and want to put your best foot forward? Applying for a grant? Working on a project that you hope to produce as a photo book, or beginning the book editing process? Updating your website, or editing a new body of work to present on your site? Or maybe you just want a fresh set of eyes on some work in progress to help guide you as you develop the project further.

What to expect:

Molly is currently offering two levels of consulting, including in-person (Zoom) and an option for written feedback. For more information, pricing, or guidance on which solution is the best fit for your needs, please contact her directly at


I worked with Molly for one year through the Image Threads mentorship program. Her mentorship was my first form of any kind of photographic education and her generosity, candor, and experience provided the support I think every artist craves early in their career. Through her, I learned a lot about the business side of the industry and managerial techniques I still use today. Through mentorship, I gained a friend and the thoughtful foundation I needed. Thank you, Molly! E. S., New York, USA

I’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by Molly over this past year. She has helped me tremendously on this journey to becoming a better photographer. Her knowledge of the medium is unparalleled. I highly recommend that you reach out to her to get on her calendar for mentorship opportunities. - M. C., Indiana, USA

I worked with Molly on my project for a few months. From the first meeting she was interested and patient with my reality and my story. She encouraged me to create new paths and to make important decisions so that the work would gain strength and coherence. I really appreciate the meetings! K. A., São Paulo, Brazil

Molly's take on my long-form documentary project forced me to look inward and answer questions I'd been subconsciously avoiding. She's everything you want in an editor: direct, engaged, and solution-oriented. – S. S., Los Angeles, USA

Molly has a great eye as an editor and pulled photos I had entirely overlooked. With her support, I was able to present a cohesive edit that received positive responses. In communication she is courteous and warm, yet effective. And most importantly: I felt that I could fully trust her with my work at all times in the process. – J. R., Germany



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Molly Peters is a Tucson-based photographer working in fine art photography and documentary storytelling.
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